Our customers have reported great successes with Shelf Logic in many areas. The bottom line is that Shelf Logic has increased company profitability by getting more product onto the shelf, getting it to more customers, and getting an edge on the competition.

QUESTION: What are the real benefits of planogramming?


ANSWER: Companies that are planogramming have reported many positive benefits.



 - Improved sales presentations & closure results

 - improved retail placement

 - Increased consumer appeal of product displays

 - Better brand awareness through consistency

 - Improved efficiency of shelf space allocations

 - Improved financial performance of assortments

 - Better packaging testing through tighter controls

 - Faster, more accurate replenishments

 - Quicker inventory resets

 - Better grasp of relative product performance

 - Much better marketing through targeted displays

 - Improved awareness of visual merchandising


But don't take our word on it. A study by the National Association for Retail Merchandising Services (NARMS) entitled "Increase Sales By Improving Planogram Execution" quantifies the same-store sales improvements that can be realized when well-designed planograms are quickly & reliably executed in the field. The article concludes with "the ability to take things learned from high-performing stores and provide them to lower-performing stores, further accelerating the benefits of consistent planogram execution."

QUESTION: How can my company benefit from planogramming?


ANSWER: Try a small, pilot planogramming project with well-defined goals.


Our planogramming software is so inexpensive that your company can easily afford to buy one copy of our full-featured Master Edition version, along with our Shelf Logic University Training, for a small, pilot, in-house planogramming project. Many of our customers, both large & small, have gotten started by outfitting a single sales or marketing person and tasking him/her with a simple project: "take one of our standard product displays and redesign it to improve gross margin return on inventory investment per cubic ft. in your market."


With this most basic of planogramming objectives, your staff can take a giant step into the world of 21st century marketing. The world's largest manufacturers, distributors, and retailers have been enjoying the fruits of goal-oriented planogramming for many years. And now, you too can benefit from this cutting-edge technology.


  1. Decide which product display to planogram and plan your pilot project goals.
  2. Assign at least one person to spearhead the pilot project, and provide them with the materials that  they will need.
  3. Purchase a copy of Shelf Logic Master or Enterprise Edition and install it on a computer. Here's purchasing information.
  4. Register at Shelf Logic University and learn how to planogram with your new software.
  5. Set up your product database & product image files. We have a booklet to help you setup your database.
  6. Create a planogram designed to facilitate your pilot project goals.
  7. Execute the planogram in the field to test your design.
  8. Monitor the results of your field test, accounting for seasonality, pricing and any other variables that could skew results.
  9. Make any changes that seem necessary to optimize the performance of your planogram.
  10. Re-deploy the optimized planogram to your field locations and analyze the results over time.
  11. Report the pilot project results to your sales & marketing team, and solicit input on other sales campaigns that could benefit from a disciplined, planogram-driven effort.
  12. Equip and train the other members of your sales & marketing team to optimize their campaign results by employing well-crafted planogram designs and targeted display strategies.

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